Aloha Bay Candles

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Aloha Bay candles are made from the finest eco palm wax sourced from plantations in Brazil, Columbia and Malaysia.  Since 1993, Aloha Bay candles have been in the manufacturing business for hand dipped paraffin tapers which are still popular today.  To meet the market demand for a more eco friendly candle, they developed the first 100% palm wax votives in 1997.


Most other waxes came out too oily or too soft to be used alone and eventually had to be mixed with palm wax or some other type of wax for them to become stable and usable as candles.  This is why Aloha Bay Candles developed candles made from pure palm wax avoiding any other waxes that may have been created with GMO or non eco friendly methods.


Even beyond making the candles, Aloha Bay candles are made from factories where children are not allowed in the workplace.  Aloha Bay also provides housing, medical benefits, paid vacations and even maternity leave for all employees.  This is a very unique factory in Indonesia where it is common place to see children working in horrible working conditions.


Even their Brazil supplier is a fair trade supplier and is involved socioeconomic development with family producers and is invested in social welfare activities so that they can obtain a level of sustainable development in that region.

Rest assured, Aloha Bay candles are the best eco palm wax candles you can get!