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Seedballz Bachelors Button - 8 Pack

SeedBallz Bachelor buttons are not a difficult flower to grow. They look great potted or even as a cut flower. Colors range from a light blue to creamy white. This drought tolerant annual has a stro..


Seedballz Black-Eyed Susan - 8 Pack

The Black-Eyed Susan is probably the most common and recognizable of all American wildflowers.  An upright annual or shortlived perennial native to the eastern United States, but has become pre..


Seedballz Calendula - 8 Pack

Brighten your garden with a burst of Calendula!  The flexibility of Calendula allows it to be grown easily in sunny locations and in most kinds of soils. These little balls are made of an all..


Seedballz Coreopsis - 8 Pack

SeedBallz Coreopsis makes a colorful addition to any garden.  Also known as golden tickseed, these golden flowers can grow from 1-4 feet tall and make an excellent accent to your garden. &nbs..


Seedballz Cosmos - 8 Pack

Add some shades of pink with Seedballz Cosmos!  These beauties give you shades from light pink to deep rose in color.   These little balls are made of an all-natural mixture of seeds, ..


Seedballz Edible Flowers - 8 Pack

SeedBallz Edible Flowers?  YES!!  You really can eat these flowers!  How cool will your salads look now when you garnish them with flowers! This pack of Seedballz is packed with edi..


Seedballz Forget Me Not - 8 Pack

SeedBallz reminds you that it'll be hard to forget you planted these Forget-Me-Not seeds when you see the beautiful blue ground cover it creates.  Even grows well in the shade! These little b..


Seedballz Garden Cookies - Hummingbird - 2 Lb

SeedBallz Garden Cookies finally brings you a creative kit to share your joy of gardening with your "little helpers"! Order TODAY in time for spring when the Garden Cookies: Make & Grow Kit can ..


Seedballz Hummingbird/Butterfly - 8 Pack

This pack of Seedballz Hummingbird/Butterfly is packed with seeds designed to attract, well, hummingbirds and butterflies.  These will flourish into a beautiful array of purple and red blossoms..


Seedballz Poppy - 8 Pack

This pack of Seedballz is packed with poppy seeds and rolled in an all-natural, protective growing blend designed to nourish your flowers.  The poppy seeds contains a mix of four poppy varietie..


Seedballz Seeds Of Hope - 8 Pack

SeedBallz Seeds of Hope variety was created in memory of Alice's sister who was lost to breast cancer. Now you can plant an all-pink garden giving a beautiful show of love and support for those..


Seedballz Sunflower - 8 Pack

SeedBallz Sunflowers scream sunshine!  Add some pop to your garden with these bright sunflowers.  This pack of Seedballz is packed with sunflower seeds and rolled in an all-natural, protec..


Seedballz Wildflower - 8 Pack

Wildflower Seedballz will wow you with this ultimate blend of 25 wildflower varieties that include annuals flowers, biennials and perennials flowers.  If you're looking for lots of color and..