See Spot Run, 1 gal.

Out Of Stock See Spot Run, 1 gal.

See Spot Run is an all-natural lawn protectant designed for damaged lawn spots caused by pet urine. When your furry friend has to go, they gotta go!  Safe to use on an entire lawn, or just for spot-specific applications.  See Spot Run eliminates brown-spots and damaged areas in an all natural way. It's easy to use, simply spray the spots, and follow with a spray of water. See Spot Run is safe for pets and kids, and is available in a convenient gallon-size bottle.

Also available in a hose end sprayer and trigger spray bottle.

See Spot Run Features:

  • 1 Gallon
  • Safe, all-natural microbe formula
  • Attacks the problem at the root of the plant
  • Protects against future urine damage
  • Easy-to-apply and fast-acting formula
  • Improves soil, causing better/faster germination time for future seeding

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