Earth Friendly Wave Jet Rinse Aid - Case of 12 - 8 fl oz

Earth Friendly Wave Jet Rinse Aid - Case of 12 - 8 fl oz

WaveJet is the natural way to remove spots and residue for your dishwasher. Wave Jet is the ultimate dish washing spot eliminator: it does its job without using petro chemicals, it’s 100% biodegradable, comes in a convenient 8 oz. bottle and works just like the standard rinse aid spot removers. Earth Friendly Products uses only plant-based, recycled, animal-friendly materials to make their many useful, environmentally friendly products, which are biodegradable and non-toxic.

Product Features:

  • pH 8, gentle on hands/skin
  • Case of 12 bottles, 8 fl. oz. each
  • Non-polluting/100% biodegradable/non-toxic/natural.
  • Made of replenishable/sustainable ingredients
  • unscented, no harsh fumes or vapors.
  • Plant-based surfactants we use do not harm the item being cleaned, your body or the environment
  • Free of enzymes, phosphates, chlorine, DEA and petroleum ingredients
  • contains NO bleach or bleaching agent.
  • Prevents spots and residue from depositing on glasses, dishes and silverware in the rinse cycle.
  • Rinses away residue and minerals contained in your water.
  • Does not etch metal, silver.
  • Septic tank and gray-water system safe: biocompatible with a wide variety of wastewater and gray water treatment systems; doesn’t eliminate bacteria that make septic systems work efficiently
  • Easy to recycle: #1 PETE plastic containers

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