Seed Balls

Posted by admin123 03/27/2015 0 Comment(s)

Seed Balls (or SeedBallz) are little exactly what they sound like.  Small balls made with seeds.  Except, these have special powers :)

Kidding.  Actually, they are a little more than just seeds.  They also include some starter fertilizer, clay and humus (or compost) to make sure these start growing without much attention.  Just give them water and watch them grow.  They're the dummies guide to gardening haha.  Really though, there isn't much to growing seed balls.  Just drop them in the soil, push in about 2/3 the way in (Don't bury the seed balls) and just water.  No extra steps needed.  You just provide the water and sunlight and ingredients in the balls will take care of the rest.


We do stock premade SeedBallz that you can add to your garden.  In fact, you can get flower seedballz, herbs or even veggies!  Many people like to plant some of the herb ones in their kitchen so they always have some at their whim!  How great would it be to just pluck some basil when you need it?  Plus, it gives a nice scent to the kitchen!  And they're super easy to keep alive.


Otherwise, you can make your own seed balls.  Just get some red terracotta clay, compost (or humus), and seeds.  Then set aside 1 part seeds, 3 parts compost and 5 parts clay.  Mix up the seeds and compost together so it's throughly mixed.  Then add the clay.  You will need to add a little water for the clay to hold it shape but use the water sparringly as you just need enough to keep it together.  Once this is mixed you can start rolling little seed balls to your desired size.  Usually people aim for penny to quarter sized balls.  After you've completed your seed ball rolling, you'll want to store them in a cool dry place until you're ready to sow them.  Sowing is just tossing them in the ground and watering.  Thats it!  Soon, they'll be blossoming in their earthly splendor!