Palm Wax

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Palm wax is made from palm oil which is a steam distilled pure essential oil.  Generally, these palm plantations use standard agricultural methods to harvest the palm oil.  From here, the palm wax is cooled and spun around in order to help isolate the oils that have the highest melting point.  If a harder wax is desired, such as a crystalline type of wax, then the oil is hydrogenated (similar to how they hydrogenate foods).  Finally, the palm oil is refined without the use of chemicals and is deodorized with steam.


Palm wax is sustainable too.  Palm is a tree crop that uses very little water, free from GMO and resistent to pests.  Just one acre of palm can provide the same quantity of wax as 20 acres of soy beans!  Aloha Bay candles from palm wax also use colors that are 100% REACH compliant.


Currently, we only stock palm wax candles from Aloha Bay.  We decided on Aloha Bay because of their commitment to purchasing organic palm wax for their candles.  The organic palm wax they use is a food grade palm oil and only comes from plantations that are certified for using sustainable agricultural practices from Brazil and Columbia.  They avoid places like Indonesia because there is no way to verify where the palm oil is from or what methods are used to obtain and create it.  Because of this uncertainty, palm wax from Indonesia is not used.

See our excellent selection of Palm Wax candles from Aloha Bay.  You'll find a color and scent for whatever you need.