No See Ums Repellent

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No see ums are a pesky little gnat like bug that buzzes around you while it bites.  They can be quite annoying as they are tiny and just constantly buzz all around you.  They get their name because they are small little insects that can be hard to see, hence, no see ums.  In order to keep this little buggers away from you, you'll want to use No See Ums Repellent.  Using a good quality repellent can severely decrease the number of no see ums and other insects that congregate around you.  That means you'll get bit that much less.

Natural Insect Repellent

Not all repellents are created equal.  Some use harsh chemicals that can cause environmental damage, can ruin clothing or cause severe skin symptoms.  Natural no see ums repellent is not made from chemicals but rather natural ingredients like essential oils, herbs and plant based extracts.  Often times, these natural repellents not only protect you from no see ums, but also other bugs like mosquitoes, gnats and flies.  So you only would need to apply one repellent to keep all the biting bugs away from you and that makes everyone happy.  Make sure you read the ingredients of the natural insect repellents also because some people may be allergic to certain ingredients.  Just because they're all natural, doesn't mean some people won't have a reaction.  I mean, peanuts are natural and we all know someone with those allergies.

Homemade Insect Repellent

There are lots of recipes of making your own natural no see ums repellent online.  As previously mentioned, these most often use plant based ingredients in combination with herbs and essential oils.  Without having tried many of them it's hard to say which is best.  Your best bet is to try different ones and see which repels mosquitoes, no see ums and other insects the best and make that one your very own.  You could even make it a little project for the kids before you go out on a camping trip.  Try mixing up a few different ones and see which works the best for your family.  Or maybe one works better on mosquitoes versus no see ums.  You never know unless you try, right?

Bug Spray

Since you're in the market for natural bug spray it's good to keep these things in mind when shopping.  Avoid chemical based sprays, like those containing DEET.  Ones that feature natural or organic ingredients is best.  Also, ones that primarily use essential oils, herbs and plant extracts should be a good fit.  Also, pay attention to the oils and scents in the various natural bug repellents available because many will use different oils which may or may not be a pleasant scent to you.  Some people like lemon grass, while others prefer citronella.

Natural Bug Repellent

Bug repellent is available in all forms.  Sprays, mists, patches, lotions and even wristbands.  Get an idea of the style of repellent you prefer and from there you can examine the possibilities more closely to see if it has a scent that may bother you more than the others.  Using no see ums repellent is the best way to prevent getting bitten and to deter many other biting insects from attacking you as well.  You may also want to add some bug candles to the mix if you're going to be sitting in a group setting for some time just to provide some of that extra protection.  The best way to not get bit is to repel the bugs off in the first place.