Seedballz Calendula - 8 Pack

Out Of Stock Seedballz Calendula - 8 Pack

Brighten your garden with a burst of Calendula!  The flexibility of Calendula allows it to be grown easily in sunny locations and in most kinds of soils.

These little balls are made of an all-natural mixture of seeds, red clay, and soil humus. The clay protects the seeds from drying out and being taken by birds or insects. They are rolled in an all-natural, protective growing blend designed to nourish your seeds. Adults with developmental disabilities prepare and package each ball by hand, right here in the USA. Each package contains 8 SeedBallz.

SeedBallz Calendula Features
  • 8 balls per pack
  • Hand rolled in a nutritious blend to make them easy to grow.
  • Made in USA
SeedBallz Calendula Planting Instructions:
  • DO NOT bury SeedBallz.
  • Do not split or break apart the SeedBallz, they are most successful when they are kept in tact.
  • Place Seedballz in FULL sunlight.
  • Keep SeedBallz moist until sprouts begin to grow.
You can press the SeedBallz into the ground, pots, or even scatter in fields (about 8 to 10 inches apart, or closer for a more compact look). 8 SeedBallz (per package) is enough to cover approx. 8 sq. ft. or 1 sq. ft. per ball. Each SeedBall contains approximately a whole packet of seeds, depending on the seed size. Germination time is approximately 7 to 45 days. Store SeedBallz in a cool, dry place until ready to plant.
If placed into pots the flowers will flourish, however, they will be smaller in size and floral display time is shorter.
Keep SeedBallz moist until sprouts begin to grow. Then continue to water as needed. They love full sun, if there is partial shade they may not flourish nearly as well. SeedBallz lie dormant until they are sufficiently watered and have the right temperature to start their germination. Then, hundreds of sprouts explode from each ball as they eagerly reach for the sun.

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