Earth Friendly Window Cleaner - Vinegar - 22 fl oz

Earth Friendly Window Cleaner - Vinegar - 22 fl oz

Leave your windows and mirrors clean, shiny and streak-free with Window Cleaner from Earth Friendly Products. Using the natural cleaning capabilities of coconut soap combined with the power of some 'old school' vinegar, Earth Friendly Window Cleaner won’t leave streaks or residue. Earth Friendly Products uses only plant-based, recycled, animal-friendly materials to make their many useful, environmentally friendly products, which are biodegradable and non-toxic.

Product Features

  • 100% biodegradable formula
  • Won’t leave streaks or residue
  • All-natural and non-toxic
  • Free of ammonia
  • pH 3.0-3.5
  • Made of replenishable/sustainable ingredients.
  • Plant-based surfactants we use do not harm the item being cleaned, your body or the environment
  • DEA free
  • Non-filming, dust resistant cleaner
  • Doesn’t break down the bond of plastics, which is critical for window films.
  • Natural ingredients allow for light all-purpose cleaning as well
  • Quickly lifts grime, dust and fingerprints
  • Evaporates in seconds to a streak-free shine
  • Easy to recycle #1 PETE plastic container with trigger spray 

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