Biokleen Bac - Out Fresh - Natural Fabric Refresher - Lavender - 16 fl oz

Biokleen Bac - Out Fresh - Natural Fabric Refresher - Lavender - 16 fl oz

Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh Natural Fabric Refresher Lavender with Live Enzyme Cultures 16. oz: Naturally Eliminates Odors and their Return!

Bac-Out Fresh utilizes their unique Bac-Out technology that not only traps odors but digests them, getting rid of any odor and their return for good! Bac-Out Fresh leaves your fabrics smelling naturally fresh and clean. Safe to use on all water-safe fabrics: sofas, curtains, pet areas, bedding, cars, sports bags, and much more. Also try our Bac-Out Fresh in Lemon-Thyme scent.

Biokleen Bac-Out Fresh Natural Fabric Refresher Product Features:

  • 1, 16 oz bottle
  • Fine mist spray
  • Extracts of lavender.
  • Great for homes with children and pets.
  • No artificial fragrance, colors or preservatives.

Biokleen manufactures natural, non-toxic cleaning products for your home or business. Formulated with exceptional quality and value that will provide you with great results while not causing any negative effects to you or the environment. Biokleen products are biodegradable with no harsh fumes and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Biokleen is proud to be a TreeHugger Best of Green 2010 Award winner for Best Cleaning Product!

Directions: Mist evenly over fabric until lightly damp. Use regularly to prevent build-up of odors. For fabrics that may waterspot, test in hidden area.

Warning:In case of eye contact, flush eyes with cool water for 15 minutes. In case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting; drink plenty of water to dilute.

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