Ecoditty – Reusable sandwich bags from organic cotton

You may have seen the Facebook post or the tweet we made announcing that we now are carrying the Ecoditty line of sandwich and snack bags.  We like them.  They’re eco friendly.  You should like them too :)


Well, they’re good substitutes for plastic bags.  Seriously, how many of these bags do you go through, like half a bajillion?  Ya, thought so.  Instead of using those baggies, you can now put your kiddo’s sandwich in these sandwich bags that are made from 100% organic cotton.  No plastics, chemicals or BPA coming into contact with your food.  How cool is that?

Then to top it off, all the sandwich and snack bags by Ecoditty are sewn in Colorado, USA.

We put together a short video with some of their products.  Enjoy.
Ecoditty Reusable Bags

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