Farmer’s Market Time

Yup, it’s that time again!  Time to get out and venture into the farmer’s markets.  All sorts of fresh fruit, veggies, herbs and flowers abound!  We even have locally raised meats to select from too!  The nice thing is that many of these products are organic and grown locally, but you should ask to make sure because some vendors are basically buying stock from like supermarkets or suppliers so it’s no different than what you’d get at your regular supermarket.

Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market

It’s always buzzing with freshness all around at these markets.  In our area, there’s a few to select from as you can probably hit like 4-5 of them all within 20 minutes of each other.  Even some of the smaller communities have their own markets, which are generally just smaller versions of the bigger ones.  So, yeah, there is a smaller selection but still they have most of the common produce that people look for and it’s better than nothing.

Some vendors even give out free samples so you can taste the freshness before making a purchase.  Really helpful when checking out the different meats or breads being offered.  Plus, it helps in making and creating those relationships with like minded people and is an excellent opportunity to learn more about what eco friendly and healthy options are available in your area.

Or, you can skip the market and start your own veggie garden at home.  You can start by planting some SeedBallz or grab some of your own seeds and use some organic fertilizer and add it to your own homemade compost to get those seeds sprouting.  Soon you’ll have your own mini farmer’s market right there in your backyard.

Don’t forget that any leftover scraps can then be recycled back into your DIY Compost Bin to create more nutrient dense soil for your plantings.  Pretty soon you can set up shop at your own local farmer’s market selling your fresh produce goods!


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