DIY Compost Bin

Just in time for spring, we have an easy DIY project that can you give that extra boost to your gardens!  I know we’ve been talking an awful lot about those little SeedBallz because they’re a 1 step flower, but you want to garden beyond what the ballz can offer you.  To do that, you need to have a good soil and a nice source of compost.  However, many people think they have to buy some fancy $100+ composting contraption to make their own compost.  Wrong!  Plus, why spend the extra money on compost when you can easily make your own!

What can you compost?
Some excellent compost materials include: Fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds/filters, egg shells, fireplace ashes, tore up newspapers (basically newspaper in smaller pieces), grass and leaves.

What NOT to compost?
Pet waste, fish or meat bones, plants or grass that has had chemicals or been diseased.

Here’s a link to the EPA’s composting page for more details on what you can and cannot compost.

Here’s a quick and easy composting bin you can make for under $20.
Materials Needed:

  • Large trash can with a locking lid (or screws on)
  • Small platform like a wooden plant stand on wheels (to keep can off the ground)
  • Screws (to attach platform to the trash can)
  • Drill with a large drill bit


  1. Take your drill and attach the large drill bit.  We’re going to make about 25 holes in the trash can using the drill.  Make sure to include some in the lid and in the bottom.
  2. Now attach the trash can to the wooden platform using the screws and drill.  Make sure to not cover up the holes on the bottom you just made, otherwise, if you did, just drill new holes on the bottom.  This platform will allow your compost to drain as well as circulate air flow to the compost.
  3. Start composting!  Just add compost items that we discussed above.
  4. About 1-2 times a week, go out and roll the trash can around (making sure the lid is locked on) for a couple minutes.
  5. Keep adding compost as you “create” it.
  6. Use the soil when ready.
  7. Repeat!
Homemade Compost Bin

Homemade Compost Bin

Now, that you have your nutrient rich compost, you’re ready to start planting away.  If you require an another little boost, you can even add some fish fertilizer to your newly created soil or add to your existing beds by using Neptune’s Harvest Fertilzers.

Not a bad compost bin for $20, eh?  What composting tips do you have?

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